Radon Testing & Mitigation - Action Radon Services - Portland, Oregon
The goal of mitigation is to reduce the radon levels in your home to a non-dangerous level.  It is virtually impossible to remove all traces of radon.  Radon gas is everywhere, including outside.  The key is to reduce the levels you breathe in your home to a level that is safe. 
To install a mitigation system in your home involves sealing the ground exposure in crawl spaces with a vapor proof barrier, sealing cracks in basement cement and installing exhaust fans which vent air to the outside. 
This image shows a typical exterior installation of the radon exhaust system which expells air from under a basement slab to above the roof line.
This is a typical exterior radon system intalled on the left side of the house and extends above the roof line. 
The termination point of the radon exhause system extends above the gutter on a single story home.
These radon systems can be painted to match the exterior of the house.
This illustrates a typical radon exhause fan installed on a mitigation system.
These radon systems can be enclosed with an access door installed.
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