Radon Testing & Mitigation - Action Radon Services - Portland, Oregon
The Radon Test:
There are two types of testing devices active and passive.
Active testing devices require power to operate. Action Radon Services uses continuous radon monitors.  The monitors are placed in the lowest living area of the building and continuously measure and record the amount of radon in the air.  At the conclusion of testing, a printout is generated which reveals any unusual or abnormal swings in the radon level during the entire testing period.  In addition, the continuous radon monitors are specifically designed to deter and detect test interference.  The advantage of the continuous  monitor systems is that they generate immediate results.  Continuous monitors are used primarily for short-term testing of 48 hours. 
Passive testing devices are primarily used when a home or building's power has been shut off.  One example of a passive device would be a charcoal cannister.    These are used for short term testing of two to ninety days.  Another type of passive device is the alpha tract detector, which is used for long term testing of over ninety days.
Action Radon Services uses charcoal cannisters for short term testing and alpha track detectors for long term testing.   After testing is completed, these devices are sent to a laboratory to obtain the test results.  The one drawback of the passive testing devices is that they do not generate immediate results. 
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